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Nora, Stef and Jacob face a huge challenge when they start secondary school. But whether you need to defeat an ancient curse or not, the first day of school can be a big change.

Curse of the Nomed includes advice and top tips from the characters on starting secondary school.

Here’s what Stef has to say:

“Hi I’m Stefan, my friends just call me Stef. Jacob, Nora and I are all very different to each other. We all have different personalities and come from different places. I must admit I felt quite nervous when I first met them, even if I didn’t show it. I found it easier to make friends with them by being myself and cracking lots of jokes! Being kind, asking questions and listening to others all help when meeting new people.”

Find more advice from the characters in your copy of Curse of the Nomed. Buy the book here.

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Find out more about the people behind Curse of the Nomed, from our winning team at Four Dwellings Academy and everyone who has helped us along the way!