Start quote markThis was not how the first day of school was meant to go… End quote mark
Nora Williams, Curse of the Nomed

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Sett straightened his tie and took one final look at his reflection in the mirror. Perfect. No-one would suspect a thing. Until it was too late …

Three nervous students, Nora, Stef and Jacob, embark on their first day at Nomed Academy ready for the adventure of starting a new school. But when all three of them are late to assembly they realise there is more to their new Headteacher than anyone could imagine.

Nora, Stef and Jacob, with the help of a trapped Priestess Miss Ali, must face traps and riddles and mythical beasts in this tale of discovery. Curse of the Nomed shows us that every day is a new adventure for each of us with opportunities for friendship around every corner!

Meet Our Characters


(Eleanora Dorothy Annabelle Williams)


(Stefan Nathaniel Madden)


(Jacob Fergus Blossom)

Miss Ali

Miss N Cleveland

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Good mental health for children – for life. That’s our goal, and it’s what we are working hard to achieve.

Our programmes and resources help young children around the world to communicate effectively, to cope with their anxieties and difficulties, and to develop skills for life.

Curse of the Nomed is the latest project to support our charity. Visit our site to find out more about Partnership for Children or support us by buying the book.

Behind the Scenes

Find out more about the people behind Curse of the Nomed, from our winning team at Four Dwellings Academy and everyone who has helped us along the way!

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